Proper management of Blandford Nature Center’s biodiversity will protect against the threats of invasive species and disease infestations and ensure an environmental and educational resource for years to come. Developing and implementing this comprehensive forest plan is a necessary step to obtain the high standard of ecosystem health.

Blandford Nature Center requires a multiple use plan to use as a reference for utilizing sustainable principles and practices while maintaining the health and vigor of the property for public use
High Priority Objectiveswhybnc
• Restore and rehabilitate ecosystems that have been degraded, especially areas affected by invasive species;
• Enhance habitat quality for wildlife, particularly small animals and birds, while if possible, discouraging deer populations;
• Protect water quality of vernal ponds, wetlands, and Brandywine Creek;
• Preserve or improve scenic beauty; and
• Provide a variety of ecosystems for recreation and education interpretation.
Medium Priority Objectives
• Where feasible, develop opportunities for the harvest of timber or other wood products; and
• Ensure sugar maple health for continued syrup production and education.

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