Native Plant News

The bees will be a buzz when they find this new addition to Blandford Nature Center’s landscape.


We’re excited to be the recipient of a grant from the Wildflower Association of Michigan (WAM) to install native plants around a new detention basin near our parking lot. The detention basin collects storm water from our parking lot and the roof of our new Visitor Center, and the native plants will help filter pollutants from that storm water before it enters the watershed.


The plantings will also support pollinating insects and serve as a demonstration area to show visitors how native plants can prevent erosion and water pollution, provide wildlife habitat, and add color and diversity to an urban landscape.

wildflower photo

The beautiful colors of late summer, as shown in this stunning patch of Goldenrod and Joe Pye Weed Photo Credit: via Wildflower Association’s Facebook page provided by Kathryn Lund Johnson Nature Photography

The Wildflower Association of Michigan encourages the preservation and restoration of Michigan’s native plants and native plant communities, and holds a two-day conference each year in Lansing. We are happy to have them as a partner!


Interested in being a part of the installation of this project through giving your time, passion and skills to Blandford?

Blandford Nature Center has several areas of our non-profit that needs your helping hands! Whether it’s pulling invasive plant species along one of Blandford’s beautiful trails, tending to the Wildlife Ambassadors that call the Wildlife Education Center home, or teaching today’s youth about the wonders of nature as a Volunteer Trail Guide, volunteers are highly valued as an integral part of the success of Blandford Nature Center.

Blandford has many opportunities that let you share your time and talent. We would love to help you find something that matches your interests, skills, and availability.

How do I become a Blandford Volunteer? Head over to the website for more details.



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