Conservation Conversations (Say that five times fast, right?)

Natural habitats for all types of wildlife are rapidly decreasing due to urbanization and agricultural pressures. Residential areas, such as backyards, can play an important role in conserving wildlife. Homeowners can enhance the natural features in their yards and neighborhoods to create a variety of thriving wildlife habitats.

Conservation conversations (say that five times fast, right?) is an event held by the West Michigan Cluster of the Stewardship Network. The participant will be able to join the conversation of conservation with six experts in a speed dating sort of style. Participants will have 15 minutes with an expert to gather highlights of the topic as well as engage in an exchange of information. If you are not interested in one topic it’s only 15 minutes and then you are on to another expert in another field.  The topics that will be included are: Storm water management, landscaping with native plants, healthy soil, aquatic invasive plants, opportunities for your forest, and buzz on bees.

This event is held on Thursday, November 5th at the DeVos Communication Center from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. Refreshments will also be served. Although this is a FREE event, you are encouraged to bring a $5 donation. This donation goesstewardship network to support  the educational programs, events, and materials sponsored by the West Michigan Cluster.

For more information:

It is recommended you sign up and you can do it from the link above.



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