Stewardship Challange

The Stewardship Network of the Great Lakes has created a challenge for us this October! Every year through the Garlic Mustard Challenge, thousands of people come together to dedicate tens of thousands of hours to invasive species management. The October Volunteer Challenge will bookend the spring Garlic Mustard Challenge, and will be a way of showing collective impact, showcasing the many facets of stewardship, and telling the stories of stewards working in public parks and on private properties. This challenge is about the volunteer hours towards removal of invasive species, not a specific species. The goal is a total of 1,000 hours of collective volunteer hours. 


Blandford Nature Center holds many opportunities for eco-stewardship volunteer hours throughout the year. This October we are holding two opportunities to remove invasive species and contribute to helping the biodiversity of Blandford’s beautiful 143 acres. These eco-stewardship days are free to everyone. Afraid you won’t be able to identify the invasive species? No worries! We start with a lesson on invasive non-native plants and tree identification. Then we head out into the forest to practice our identification skills with a fabulous guide to help you with identification. Finally, we’ll cut and treat those unwanted invaders improving habitat for native species. If you plan on coming please come prepared to work off the trail. Wear layers of warm clothes and sturdy shoes that will more than likely get dirty. These opportunities are open to the public so walks-ins are welcome. Application not required for group work days. Bring a friend! Together we can help contribute to the 1,000 hour goal for the Stewardship Network challenge! (dates and times:
This Stewardship Blog Post was contributed by Brooke Mellema, Blandford Nature Center Land Stewardship Intern.

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