A 32-Year Legacy of Service

Lenkiewicz – A Legacy of Service Over thirty years of caring for Blandford

Volunteers leave a lasting legacy at Blandford. Our dear Shirley Lenkiewicz was one of them. Shirley passed away on April 3 after more than 34 years of dedicated volunteer service to Blandford. She began volunteering after she saw a small ad in the Grand Rapids press.volunteer

Former director, Dr. Mary Jane Dockeray, visited Shirley at St. Anne Home recently. She said, “Shirley was one of those volunteers I trusted to unlock the buildings or watch over the center when staff was away at meetings.” She gave a cheerful welcome to thousands of visitors from Blandford’s front desk.

Shirley’s favorite time of the year was the beginning of spring wildflower season. She had a passion for all things green. Even when old age kept her from maintaining a large garden, she had a small box garden because she said, the microbes in the soil promote health and increase serotonin.

Jessie Schulte, Blandford’s Volunteer Coodinator says, “When I welcome new volunteers I tell them about Shirley Lenkeiwicz. Her long, active and generous life is a model for us all. So this spring, when we get our hands dirty and enjoy the benefits that nature offers, we will be paying a kind of tribute to this beloved Blandford volunteer.”


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