Trees have been tapped!

Trees have been tapped and the first, sweet taste of spring is here. The next time youtapping 2015 are out for a visit, be sure to check out the new and improved spiles.

In the past Blandford Nature Center has used the large traditional 7/16′ taps. Dr. Gary W. Graham, a Natural Resources Extension Specialist at the Ohio State University Extension Center, advised BNC to change out the spiles. Thanks to a generous donation, BNC is now using these smaller spiles. Even with the smaller size Graham’s research indicates that there will be no difference in the amount of sap flow, however the holes will be able to heal faster. This is better for the tree’s health.

So, now the time to harvest the sap has begun.  How long will it continue and how long will the spiles remain in the trees? That is the question and not something you can do by a calendar.  Blandford plans to watch the weather and taps will be  pulled as soon as the season ends from when the sap stops to flow and the buds start to burst.  So get out to see the taps while you can because as soon as the sap stops, within days they will be out.

Stay tuned to find out more about how Blandford manages the maple stand to preserve the biodiversity and ensure the future heath of the ecosystem.


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